Leadership Impact Quick Screen

William Howatt Ph.D., Ed.D.
© 2018

"There's no such thing as a natural-born pilot." Just substitute the word "leader" for "pilot." – Chuck Yeager

The purpose of this quick screen is to evaluate a developing leader’s progress from participating in a leadership development program.

To obtain meaningful feedback it’s necessary to compare different points of view at different points in time. This practice can assist in helping senior leaders and HR to determine if a leadership development program has had any positive impact. This would be one step to take in evaluating the ROI of a program, as it can help to capture intangible feedback (information that’s hard to put an exact dollar value to).

Regardless of the type of leadership development (e.g., classroom, online or coaching) the leader is exposed to, success will ultimately be defined by the impact, which can be measured by before-and-after results that are noticeable by others or by key performance indicators such as team results. For any leadership program to be of value it needs to provide meaningful knowledge and skills that can be transferred into the leader’s day-to-day role. Leadership training is of little value if it cannot be applied.

This screen can help to facilitate the collection of data to evaluate whether a program has had an influence on a leader’s impact. The data this tool can collect is from the leader-in-development’s point of view, their direct manager and in some cases their direct reports, to evaluate how impactful they’re perceived by themselves and others.

Instructions: Please take 10 minutes to complete this leadership impact quick screen as accurately and truthfully as possible, based on what you have directly observed or experienced over the past month. Your results are confidential and will not be shared with anyone. All that will be reported are the aggregated scores that show the leader’s development impact over time (e.g., measure 1 compared to measure 2).