Perception of Workplace Inclusion Quick Survey

By Dr. Bill Howatt and Dr. Dayna Lee-Baggley
2021 © Howatt HR

Understanding the extent to which you feel included in a workplace can help you gain insight into your perceived psychological safety. Psychological safety involves believing you can speak up and express yourself without fear of negative consequences. Without psychological safety and inclusion, fostering diversity and equity in the workplace is challenging. Inclusivity in the workplace benefits employers and employees with improved productivity and innovation for employers and better mental health and well-being for employees.

This quick survey will assess your perception of feeling included in your workplace. It is an excellent tool for leaders and teams to spark conversations about how they can work together to create an inclusive workplace.

We all have different boundaries and perceptions of what feels safe and unsafe. accepting different opinions without judgement and leading with empathy, curiosity, and vulnerability allow others to share their feelings and thoughts without fear of retaliation, rejection, and judgement.

             This tool is for educational purposes only.