Flourishing Quick Survey

William Howatt Ph.D., Ed.D.

2022 © Howatt HR

Mental fitness is not intuitive as a trainable skill. Like any skill, it takes time to master and create habits to positively impact mental outlook.—Dr. Bill Howatt 

Mental fitness can be defined by the degree you engage in behaviours that promote the mental state of flourishing (e.g., thriving, charged).[1] This quick screen evaluates factors that can positively or negatively influence emotional well-being. The truer the following statements, the more likely you are spending more time on a typical day in pleasant emotions (e.g., flourishing) versus unpleasant emotions (e.g., languishing). The benefit of engaging in mental fitness plans[2] (i.e., behavioural health) is promoting flourishing in five life areas (money, career, relationships, physical health, mental health) to enjoy each day and cope with life challenges.[3]

Understanding that stress and unpleasant emotions are a part of life is crucial for good mental health. Mental health is defined not by what happens but by how well we learn to cope with and adapt to what happens. The more we know how to spend more days flourishing, the better we can enjoy today and the more resilient to cope with future life challenges.

Instructions: Complete this quick screen once a week and track your progress.

This is not a clinical measure nor a diagnostic tool; it is meant only to be a screening tool.