Drugs – Alcohol – Gambling (DAGS)
Screening Tool

Version 2 (c) 2014 --William A. Howatt Ph.D., Ed.D., Post Doc Behavioral Science, RSW, RCT, ICADC

One in five Canadians lives with a mental health or addiction problem and at least 20% of persons with a mental health disorder have a co-occurring substance use problem. Mental health and addiction touch four out of five Canadians. It is estimated that approximately 3.2% of Canadians have moderate to severe gambling problems. People who are questioning whether they may be at risk for having an addictive disorder should start with screening.

The purpose of this screening tool is to assess your current addictive behaviour risk for drugs, alcohol, and gambling.

This is not a clinical measure or diagnostic tool; it is meant only to be a screening tool.


  • Respond to each statement based on your behaviour over the past six months, including today.
  • This assessment will take you about 8-10 minutes to complete.
  • Once you complete this tool you will get your DAGS Risk Profile.