Compassion Fatigue Risk Quick Survey

William Howatt Ph.D., Ed.D.
© 2019

Regular exposure to others’ trauma and loss can can lead to increased stress, compassion fatigue and eventually burnout for nurses, doctors and first responders if not recognized, monitored, managed and dealt with early. Compassion fatigue, also known vicariously as trauma or traumatic stress, refers to the trauma experienced from observing and interacting with a traumatized person, versus being directly exposed to trauma. The purpose of this quick survey is to bring to your level of awareness your potential risk for compassion fatigue. This risk can be curbed by early recognition and intervention. When avoided and not dealt with early it can result in further complications such as decline in job performance and have a serious negative impact on mental health, such as depression, addiction and post-traumatic stress disorder.

This tool is meant for educational purposes only – it is not a clinical assessment tool.