Anxiety Quick Survey

Anxiety is our natural protecting system that turns on automatically whenever we perceive danger. It fires off an alarm system called the fight-flight-freeze response. This alarm system is designed to protect us. For example, the jolt of adrenaline may provide the energy to rescue a child in danger or to defend oneself. However, when the alarm system doesn’t turn off, because a person continues to perceive risk or threat (consciously or subconsciously) there is anxiety. The root cause of triggering the alarm system can originate from environmental or genetic factors, or substance abuse (Note: It is estimated that 50% of anxiety disorders can be linked to substance abuse1) or even self-talk. Without relief, having the alarm system on all the time becomes problematic, undermining mental and physical health. Many professionals are unaware that the common symptoms of anxiety (i.e., body shakes) are normal responses to coping with stress. The good news is that there is help. If you think you may be dealing with anxiety, see your MD or mental health professional immediately.

This tool is meant for education purposes only – it is not a clinical assessment tool.