Employee’s Perceived Psychological Health & Safety Risk Screen

Whatever your role in your workplace, you will benefit from being aware of psychological health and safety. One definition of psychological health and safety is the degree you feel welcomed, protected, and safe in your workplace.

The purpose of this screening tool is to increase your awareness of the relationship between perceived psychological safety and psychosocial hazards and risk in your work situation.

The goal of this activity is for you to self-evaluate your degree of vulnerability and consider ideas to mitigate your vulnerability risk.

Considerations for predicting your psychological health and safety:

  • The degree you perceive your workplace as being psychologically safe.
  • The degree you have a positive relationship with your direct manager.
  • The degree your employer manages workplace factors of civility, workload, psychological protection, etc.
  • The degree your workplace culture is committed to psychological health and safety.
  • The degree your job puts you at risk for exposure to traumatic events.
  • The degree you proactively focus and build your mental fitness (e.g., developing your resiliency).
  • The degree your organization’s leadership demonstrates commitment to psychological health and safety.

Introduction to psychological health and safety:

  • The above seven considerations can predict perceived stress.
  • Perceived stress can negatively impact work performance and aggravate psychosocial hazards that when strained can increase vulnerability for experiencing mental harms and strain mental health.
  • Psychosocial hazards impact cognitive functioning like attention, detection, perception, memory, judgement, reasoning, problem solving and decision making.
  • Optimizing performance in psychological health and safety human factors can reduce an employee’s risk for mental health issues and mental injuries.

Note: Upon completion of this screen you will get a Perceived Psychological Health and Safety Risk Personalized Summary Report.

Instructions: Answer each question based on your perceptions over the past 30 days. This screen will take you less than 5 minutes to complete.

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