The Mental Health Experience in Canada’s Workplaces:

What’s Your Experience?

If you are experiencing a mental health issue or have dealt with mental illness in the past and had to figure out what you were going to do about work, we’d like you to take 15 minutes to complete this survey. If you have not, and you know a friend who has, please tell them about this survey.

Individuals’ answers will be kept confidential. Responses will be aggregated and your identity will be protected.

The Mental Health Commission of Canada’s research has found that one in five Canadians at any moment are experiencing a mental health issue. This figure is now one of the most-used statistics regarding mental health.

Who are these people, what is their story, and why we are asking you to participate in this survey?

The purpose of this survey is to collect workplace experiences from Canadians who are currently experiencing or have experienced a mental health issue. We want to advocate and share who the ones in five are, what they are experiencing to get help, and their experience dealing with a mental health issue in the workplace.

The findings of this survey will provide insights into what is really happening with employees experiencing mental health issues in Canadian workplaces. This can help to inform and create mental health strategies and programs to support employees to prevent and cope with mental health issues.

Incentives to complete the survey:

  • Upon completion of this survey, you can elect to enter a draw to receive one of three free enrolments in the Pathway to Coping online course authored by Dr. Bill Howatt through the University of New Brunswick.
  • A free e-copy of Dr. Howatt’s book, Sparkle Kitty, which he wrote about his daughter after her open heart surgery at nine months of age and how this surgery impacted him and his wife and family
  • Free articles from Morneau Shepell that can help you find answers to mental health concerns
  • Staying Afloat, a free Globe and Mail e-book by Dr. Bill Howatt and Gillian Livingston, that provides insights and ideas on how to develop coping skills


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Consent to Collect Data

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