Perceived Isolation-Loneliness Effect

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One genetic need all humans have is social connections. Our happiness is dependent on having at least one authentic connection.

There may be no bigger social epidemic1 than isolation and loneliness. Like experiencing a mental health stigma, many people suffer in silence as they search for that one meaningful, authentic connection. While technology has created the illusion of social connection, it has failed to replace the power of authentic connections.

Feeling lonely is universal and a part of the human condition; there’s no escaping it. However, loneliness is different. It’s a powerful, painful emotion, such as feeling empty and unloved.

Feelings of loneliness are often related to perceptions of the degree of isolation we’re experiencing because of life circumstances (e.g., family, financial, career satisfaction, etc.). Isolation is multi-dimensional. Typically, more than one factor is contributing to perceptions of isolation. The greater our perceptions of isolation, the greater the likelihood we’ll experience the powerful feelings of loneliness.

The Isolation-Loneliness effect is the negative feedback loop a person can get caught in where isolation feeds loneliness and loneliness feeds isolation. We can learn to change how we feel by changing our actions and thinking.

Purpose: This self-assessment is designed to increase your awareness of the relationship between isolation (i.e., things that may be negatively impacting your ability to make social connections) and loneliness (i.e., the emotions associated with feeling isolated).

Note: Upon completion of the self-assessment, you will get a personalized summary report on your Perceived Isolation-Loneliness Effect and a PDF copy of Journal 45 that provides a 45-day plan for creating a new beginning.

Instructions: Answer each question based on your experiences over the past 30 days. This self-assessment will take you less than 5 minutes to complete.

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