Employee Culture Fit Quick Survey

Culture fit is a key element in supporting employees to feel comfortable in the workplace. In fact, this can strengthen the psychological contract between new hires and employers. The Psychological Contract refers to the tacit understanding upon which the relationship between an employer and its employees is founded. It embraces the mutual and reciprocal expectations of inputs and outcomes. This alignment of the psychological contract with reality influences employee success. Gaps in this contract can have a negative impact on an employee’s motivation, satisfaction, and psychological health.

This tool has been developed as a standalone instrument to assist employees to assess the kind of cultural factors that are important to help them, as well as to benchmark their perception of the kind of culture they are working in today.

Application for this tool:
This tool is meant to support organizational cultural development initiatives. It is intended for educational purposes only and not meant to be used for assessment. The goal is to support employees and employers to build healthy, long-term psychological contracts. It is unrealistic to think that every organization and role can be adapted to meet every employee’s needs and expectations.

Cultural dimensional factors such as flexibility, power, fun, openness, recognition, social responsibility, teamwork, security, and career evaluation collectively influence an individual’s perceptions with respect to whether they are in the the right culture that can strengthen the psychological contract.

This tool will help you self-evaluate how your natural style fits against the type of culture you think you are currently working in. There is no expectation that every employee will have a perfect match to be successful in a culture. The goal is to increase your awareness with respect to what you can expect if you and your employer agree that you are a good fit. Instructions:

Each of the nine cultural dimensions lists a series of factors that you are asked to evaluate on a scale of Unimportant to Very Important, as to how important it is for you to feel that you are in the right culture and how important you believe it is to your organization today based on your experiences and perceptions. Each choice will be assigned a numeric value and the difference between them will be calculated to determine the gap.

For each dimension and item, you are to provide two scores.

  1. My Score: Score each factor as to how important it is for you to have. There is no right or wrong choice, just your perception.
  2. Current Culture: Indicate what you think and experience as to how important and real each factor is in your organization’s culture.

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