Mental Health Research Study of
Alberta CPAs and Candidates

Welcome to the Mental Health Research Study of Alberta CPAs and Candidates.

The purpose of this study is to help CPA Assist more effectively serve Alberta CPAs. As a part of this assessment you will be asked to respond to questions or statements about your mental health experience, work culture, and resiliency (e.g., personal health habits, workplace experience). You will also be asked about your awareness of and experience using the current health and wellness program for Alberta CPAs.

Your responses are completely confidential and anonymous. They will be aggregated and shared to CPA Alberta, but CPA Alberta will in no way have access to individual responses. The goal of this research study is to help CPA Alberta gain an understanding of the needs of Alberta CPAs and candidates, and improve its ability to support them.

On completion of the research study you will receive a personal resiliency report that will help create awareness of your resiliency level and provide some things to consider for your own action plan. As a bonus, you will be offered a free e-book, which provides insight on micro-skills that you can add to your day-to-day routines to help charge your battery and build resiliency.

NOTE: This is not a clinical measure or diagnostic tool; it is meant only to be a research tool.


  • Ensure you have a 20- to 25-minute window to complete this research study in one sitting – quietly and with focus.

      If you exit your browser or leave your computer for more 60 minutes, your data will be lost, and you will need to start over.

  • Base your responses on how you have behaved, thought and felt over the past six months.
  • You must respond to all statements and questions within each section before proceeding to the next.
  • Be sure to click somewhere else on the page when responding to a question or statement with a dropdown list before using the scroll pad or button on your mouse. This will avoid inadvertently changing your response.
  • Once you complete the last section, you will be able to access your results.
  • To ensure your security and confidentiality, stay in one browser; and respond to all the items so you can get your report and think about how you may respond to what the research study reveals.
  • If you ever get an error code, clear your browser cookies and try again – or it may be that you are using Internet Explorer version 8. If so, update your Internet Explorer or use another browser/computer. If you have any technical issues, contact

Consent to Collect Data
By completing this research study you are giving your informed consent for the collection of the information in this tool. The results of this study will remain confidential and your IP address will not be tracked.

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