Unresolved Conflict Quick Survey


This survey will ask you to evaluate the level of conflict you are experiencing in your workplace. The output will be a one-page report that will assist you in assessing your conflict risk as well as a frame of reference for exploring the cost of conflict. The more time you are engaged in conflict or coping with unresolved conflict, the less likely you will be as healthy, engaged, or productive as you could be.

Print or save your results if you want a copy. This is the only way to retain your individual results.

Read each statement from the point of view of your experiences in your workplace over the past six months.

You must respond to all statements. Plan to complete the survey in one session. If you are interrupted for a time or need to visit another site before you complete the survey you will need to start over.

This survey will take you about 5-7 minutes to complete.

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Note: Be sure to click somewhere else on the page after answering a question with a dropdown list before using the scroll pad or button on your mouse to avoid inadvertently changing your response to the last statement.

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