Organizational Effectiveness Benchmark

This tool is designed to provide leaders with a snapshot of their organization's current effectiveness. The scores generated will indicate the possibility of risk and/or untapped potential. This tool assesses executives’ perception of their organization across TalOp’s five levels: Strategic, People/Process, Culture, Management, and Employee Health. This tool is aligned to the Beyond Engagement Quality of Work Life (QWL®) Study.

In addition, you will get a productivity metric that will provide insight on the Cost of Doing Nothing (CODN).

Individuals’ survey answers will be kept confidential.

With Howatt HR’s help, The Globe and Mail will report on the survey results, writing stories based on what those results tell us.

The aim of these stories will be to highlight the biggest issues facing certain workers today. And as part of this project, we want to give employees and employers a prescription (i.e., ideas and strategies) to help improve their life at work.

You are asked to define your current level of concern for each item on five short scales. You must respond to all items before proceeding to the next section. Plan to complete the survey in one session. If you are interrupted for a time or need to visit another site before you complete the survey you will need to start over.

Note: Be sure to click somewhere else on the page after selecting a response from a dropdown list before using the scroll pad or button on your mouse, to avoid inadvertently changing your response.

This survey will take about 10 minutes to complete.
There is a progress bar in the upper right corner. Once you complete this survey you immediately have access to your results.

Important: Print your report to retain a copy of your results.

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Consent to Collect Data
By completing this survey you are giving your informed consent to the collection of the information in this tool. The results of this survey will remain confidential and your IP address will not be tracked.

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